A) Pin Bush Type

This is the most economical type with simple construction for easy maintenance. This type will take care of a reasonable amount of angular and parallel misalignment of shafts. Available EX-STOCK from 3”OD to 24” OD.
B) Tyre Type

This cushion type coupling avoids metal to metal contact and ensures higher life, lower down time and hence improved productivity. It absorbs parallel misalignment up to 4 mm, Angular up to 4° and end float up to 5mm. Available EX-STOCK up to 18" ø
C) Geared Type

These types have high torque to size ratio for their compact assembly capable of both high load and high speed. They accommodate angular and parallel misalignment or combined angular and Parallel misalignment. Available EX-STOCK from 100 to 110 sizes.
D) Chain Type

Roller Chain Couplings are simple, economical, compact, long lasting and capable of  transmitting relatively high torque, made out of steel. Available EX-STOCK.

E) Fluid Coupling

This consists essentially of a pump and turbine disc, together with thin lubricating oil as working fluid. The pump and the turbine disc have radial vanes. Power transmission is effected as the rotation of the pump disc sets the working fluid in to intense vortex. The advantages of Fluid Couplings are no starting load, no overload and low starting Current.
F) Jaw Couplings

This standard coupling comprises of two hubs connected by flexible spiders. The advantages of this coupling are easy installation, no lubrication, no metal to metal contact, and built in flexibility for angular and parallel misalignment. Available EX-STOCK and suitable up to bore size of 115 mm, and 600KW power rating.
G) Nylon Geared Couplings

This consists of two steel gear hubs engaging in a sieve of high grade of tough and high temperature resistance. The crown gear tooth permits axial and angular misalignment. No transmission noise, easy to assemble, requires no maintenance and lubrication. Available EX-STOCK.
H) Universal Joints

These are manufactured from alloy steel with heat treated working parts, with and without finish bore as per customers requirement. Available EX-STOCK up to 8”OD and up to 4”shaft dia and 2000 kgm torque.