A) Spur Gear

Spur gear and pinion  are manufactured for the greatest efficiency by meeting constant gear ratio,provision of contact along full length of tooth and proper  backlash.Available EX-STOCK from 1 D.P. TO 16 d.p.,and in module pitches in steel  and cast iron material.
B) Rack & Pinion

This arrangement is uses for translating rotary motion in to translator motion. Available EX-STOCK.
C) Helical Gear

These are used for higher speeds, lesser noise, greater tangential load and lesser dynamic stress.
D) Bevel Gear

These gears connects shaft operating at right angles. Available in EX-STOCK in cast iron and steel, in various ratio upto 1:6 and different pitches.
E) Worm & Worm Gear

These are the best when motion is to be transmitted between non-parallel, non-intersecting and non-coincident shafts (right angles) at a high speed ratio. Available EX-STOCK in M.S. and phosphor bronze. We specialize in manufacturing worm reduction gearbox spares –worm wheel and worm shaft, and also duly assembled in gearbox.