Overhead Conveyor Products
Drop forged rivetless chain is used extensively for trolley conveyors, drag conveyors and flight conveyors. It is an ideal chain for these applications due to its high strength to weight ratio, its ability to flex in both the horizontal and vertical planes, and the overall simplicity of the chain i.e. it comprises three components which can be assembled and disassembled by hand without the use of tools.The regular pattern tends to be used in the heavier range of chain in drag and flight conveyors operating in materials that would tend to pack in chain joints. The X-type pattern is now extensively used in overhead trolley conveyors and its design gives increased strength and the ability to flex transversely on a smaller radius.The X-type chain is manufactured in sizes 348, 458 and 678.

Meritt imports and distribute wide range of Overhead Chains, Sprockets etc. It is available in ready stock, however Meritt can supply other associated products tailored to customers specific requirements.